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Business Overview

Purlieus Consulting offers payroll services to recruitment agencies and also directly to locum and contractor staff.

Number of Employees


The Challenge

While Purlieus Consulting only employ 2 full time staff at their head office in Cheltenham, given their industry, they always have around 150 people on their payroll. When looking for an employee benefits provider their main requirement was speed of service in order to get the system up and running as fast as possible. Before signing up with Staff Treats, they used a very small provider who promised a great service but the service was poor and they did not have many national offers - a key requirement for them given that their contractors are based in various locations across the UK. Given that Purlieus Consulting signed up just before Covid lockdowns across the UK, they’ve had a unique problem in requesting people to join the platform as many of the staff of their payroll were out of work.

The Solution

Purlieus Consulting chose Staff Treats with the knowledge that we are a well known, established service provider to ensure a smooth onboarding process for their 150 contractor staff. By offering an employee benefits program in their package, they wanted to achieve more loyalty from the agencies and their workers. Despite the lockdown, they have informed all workers that they have access to the platform and send reminders about the sign up every few weeks.

The Outcome

The staff have enjoyed that the platform is very easy to navigate. Those who have registered have been able to access savings on essential items at the UK’s major supermarkets, helping them to save during some of the most difficult financial times. While contractors have been out of work, Purlieus Consulting has still been able to offer valuable and much needed savings for the people on their payroll.

Very happy with Staff Treats and the staff you have working there, very informative and helpful when needed. To be able to offer discounts and benefits is very positive now that people are looking to save money.
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