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Business Overview

Award winning HR and Business Consultancy, My HR Hub helps start up, SME’s and fast growth companies with all aspects of People Management from HR / Employment Law advice, Recruitment, Employee Engagement, HR Cloud based Software Solutions, Line Manager Training and much more ! My HR Hub provides a nonstop shop and has sources, negotiated and manages suppliers on their behalf. 

Over the last few years My HR Hub has worked with a large number of the UK’s leading SMEs offering HR advice, support, insight and tools for every step of their employee journey. As part of this relationship, My HR Hub also recommends the right tools, services and technology its clients should embrace.

Number of Employees
Human Resources

We have worked with a number of providers in this field over the past few years and none have given us the levels of customers service and attention we have received from Staff Treats. Not only do they provide the best and broadest selection of discounts on the market, but they make me feel 100% confident when recommending them to my clients and that is the most valuable thing that they can give me – confidence and peace of mind. Rebecca Bull My HR Hub owner

The Challenge

Many of My HR Hub’s clients have grown from start up to established SME, and with that, each have an expanding workforce. As with all SMEs in the UK, the competition to attract and retain talent is intense and many companies are now looking beyond basic salaries to incentivise their teams.

One of the most popular ways to achieve this is through the use of employee benefit and discount schemes. As My HR Hub is advising its clients on which platforms and services to subscribe to, it needs to ensure that the provider it recommends has the same quality and service values.

The Solution

Having worked with several providers in the past , My HR Hub decided to recommend Staff Treats to its clients. There were three specific reasons for this:

1. The levels of customer service and interaction far exceeded expectations and the other competition on the market

2. The breadth and quality of the discounts and concierge service were the best on offer

3. Staff Treats is backed by Xexec, itself a SME and has a clear understanding of the challenges that My HR Hub’s clients face on a day-to-day basis

The Outcome

My HR Hub has now moved many clients over to Staff Treats and there are a number of other clients that they will be introducing to Staff Treats or migrating over in the near future.

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