Case Studies - Kidzania

Business Overview

KidZania was originally opened in September 1999 in Santa Fe Shopping Mall in Mexico City. Since then it has expanded worldwide and opened in London, at Westfield in 2015. It now has 370 staff.

KidZania is an indoor city, run by kids, where kids can independently choose from a number of real-life entertaining activities in one safe and secure space. Designed for children aged 4-14, KidZania blends learning and reality with entertainment. Activities range from doctor, dentist and police officer to firefighter, actor and dancer. 

At KidZania kids are able to get a fun and realistic insight into the adult world by taking part in a choice of ‘jobs’ which will earn them kidZos (KidZania currency) and then leisure activities such as the Climbing Building, where they are able to spend their kidZos. When kids earn 75 kidZos they can open a bank account and receive their very own bank card, just like mum and dad! KidZania is completely unique in every way, there is no other experience like it in the UK.

Number of Employees

Since we launched Staff Treats internally we have worked hard to spread the word and encourage sign up. We use virtually all the material that Staff Treats give us and have also put a lot of effort in to creating our own events and posters to make everyone aware of the benefits on offer. Its great to have such high levels of engagement, but it’s the fact that we can see our staff using it every day. As we are based in Westfield I see colleagues finding their vouchers and using them at M&S, the cinema and many other shops. Its this immediate accessibility that has made it so appealing Martin Green, Head of Human Resources

The Challenge

KidZania has an active and diverse workforce. With over 350 staff, both full time and flexible, KidZania faces similar issues to many medium sized employers, in particular the need to reduce employee churn as well as attracting the right people. However, as a very young company in the UK it faces the same challenges as many start ups including how to best incentivise and motivate its staff.

Since its conception in the UK, KidZania has always wanted to offer a compelling package. And now, 2-years on, it decided to look at creating a benefits solution that is cost effective for the business but also the right package for its staff.

The Solution

Having looked at several suppliers across the full spectrum of employee benefits, Kidzania decided to work with Staff Treats. There were three main reasons for choosing Staff Treats:

They have the strongest discount offering that met the needs of their entire workforce

1. It was the right cost bracket for their headcount

2.They offered the best support to help engage with the staff and make this a successful scheme for Kidzania.

For just £4 per employee, Kidzania is now able to create a more compelling package by offering each of its staff access to over 3000 discounts from their favourite high street stores, cinema and supermarkets.

The Outcome

Since the launch of Staff Treats at Kidzania in November 2017, it has had over 240 registered users. That is just over 65% engagement to date. With the fluid nature of their workforce coming and going, the easy to use platform has proven to be an effective tool which all employees use on the go, especially as the majority of its workforce are not office based. The perks appeal to all employees at all incomes bands as there is something to suit everyone.

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