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Business Overview

Founded over twenty years ago, B & S distribution is an organisation focused on serving the needs of independent pharmacies. They manufacture and distribute to all independent pharmacies across the UK. They have long-standing trading relationships with the world's leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and access to over 97% of the pharmacy market. They offer over 4840 customers a comprehensive range of products at competitive prices, whilst also providing their suppliers access to independent community pharmacies throughout the UK.  

Number of Employees

As an employee engagement officer, employee engagement is always on the top of my list. As a business, we are very pleased to have announced the benefits to our employees to use and enjoy. As an employee, I am very active on Staff Treats and so far enjoying all the amazing discounts and great offers. I would like to thank Sivan, our account manager for always being available to answer any queries and support us when needed. Feedback from employees has been very positive Tasmia Khokher, Employee Engagement & Communications Officer.

The Challenge

B&S was looking for a new employee benefits provider as their previous provider was not being utilised by their employees. Their staff found the discounts and platform were not convenient or useful to them. They were looking for a new platform where their staff could feel at ease when they were shopping or looking for discounts on holidays.

The Solution

After extensive research B&S found Staff Treats. They have seen a huge increase in employee engagement and productivity since launching the discount portal. They’ve found that by holding workshops many more of their team started to use the platform because they had the opportunity to run through how it works and their employees could ask questions if they needed to. Their employees have really enjoyed the platform found it easy to use.

The Outcome

They’ve seen a huge uptake on employee benefits. All 580 employees based in the UK now use the portal on a regular basis. They really enjoy the discounts on offer. Their most loved discount is on cinema tickets and they also use the portal to book things for team birthdays and team-building activities. Since using Staff Treats B&S have seen a change in behaviour and engagement levels in their staff. The team has started to grow and move on together. Their employees are happy that they have access to the best benefits.

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